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Mobile Home Leveling

Is your single wide or double wide manufactured home out of level? The method for installing your manufactured home is mandated by three sets of installation and setup procedures: the Model Manufactured Home Installation Standard (commonly referred to as the national HUD Code”), state HUD codes, and the manufacturer’s requirements.
Along the way, you’ll learn more about how our manufactured homes are the best on the market When you’re ready to take the next step, visit one of our many sales centers location throughout New Mexico , Oklahoma and Texas If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to Contact Us for personal service.

You may have to purchase coverage through a regional insurance company rather than a national one. For starters, there’s sometimes confusion about exactly what is meant by « manufactured home ». Mobile home insurance and modular home insurance policies apply to two different types of homes—meaning if you have one, then you don’t need the other.
If you have doors or windows that are hard to open, It’s recommended that you have someone in the home checking to see if windows and doors are easier to open and close as you re-level the home. And while a manufactured home is easier to set up than a newly constructed one, you will still need a foundation and underpinning in place, and utilities will have to be connected.

Homes built after June 15, 1976, are called manufactured homes, and those built before that date are referred to as mobile homes. Some companies, such as Geico , may have you insure a modular home with a traditional homeowners policy rather than mobile home insurance.
This sounds like too big of a project for someone without any experience with mobile homes. Titled Homes-A titled manufactured home has a Colorado Certificate of Title issued by the County Clerk and Recorder. Fully Restored mobile homes are available at prices ranging from $7,995 to $29,995.
Getting recommendations from other homeowners who have had their homes re-leveled is also a good idea. At the bottom of the pyramid, the national HUD code sets out a basic level of regulation, including such matters as foundations, tie points, plumbing, ductwork, and electrical systems.

HUD requires that wedges be installed across the grain on a manufactured home pier stack. Policies vary in price even among the best mobile home insurance companies, so getting multiple quotes is often the best way to find cheap mobile home insurance. Depending on the location of your site, you might have to fell trees, take down fencing, use a bulldozer to widen access lanes, or contact the utility company to remove wires in order to accommodate the load size of the home being delivered.
Compared to the damage that an unlevel mobile home can do paying a pro is cheap. Although some people view mobile home leveling as a starter or temporary idea, many of us find it to be the perfect dwelling and remain in our home for many years. If you’re moving into a manufactured home park community (or what used to be known as a ‘trailer park’), check the community fees and any rules involving your home, including construction requirements and restrictions.

Alternatively, ask your prospective insurance company to help you determine which type of home you have. I would call your local manufactured home dealers or mobile home supply companies and ask for recommendations. Mobile Home Leveling Make sure whoever is doing your relevel is using a water level, hydraulic bottle jacks and have plenty of 2×6s, 1×4s, matching wedges, and extra concrete blocking (both full blocks and flat solid blocks) on hand.
We restore different brands of mobile homes to their original personality. The most important tools a mobile homeowner needs to check level is a water level and hydraulic bottle jacks. Check out this DIY tutorial to level your mobile home if you believe you have the skillset and experience needed to perform the job.

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