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Successful Integrative Medicine Practice

Not surprisingly, integrative medicine services have begun to enter the mainstream. There are natural options you can explore in the field of Complementary Alternative Medicine that would provide you with the tools for creating change in your life, for helping you learn how to help yourself using the body intelligence you were born with regardless of past life experience.
Furthermore, the chosen definition recognizes that the definition of conventional” medicine will vary from time to time and from country to country, it does not presume that proven practices will be adopted, and it allows CAM to be evaluated over time.

Traditional Natural (Nature’s) Medicine Practitioners are healthcare professionals who are educated and experienced in the use of safe, gentle non-invasive eclectic healing techniques geared at enhancing the body’s innate healing ability which is responsible for re-establishing and maintaining optimum health.
There is ongoing research on the safety and efficacy of CAM practices for disease treatment and prevention; mechanisms of therapies including dietary supplements such as soy isoflavones and acupuncture; placebo effects; the role of spirituality in health; as well as animal studies of alternative therapies for Parkinson’s disease.

At its essence, the practice of holistic medicine embraces a spirit of interdisciplinary and physician-patient cooperation; balances the mitigation of causes with relief of symptoms; integrates conventional and complementary therapies; and facilitates the experience of being fully alive.
Three multicenter research studies were funded: one on Ginkgo biloba for the treatment of dementia (cofunded by NCCAM and the National Institute on Aging), one on glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis (cofunded by NCCAM and the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases), and one on acupuncture for osteoarthritis of the knee (funded by NCCAM).
CAM practitioners assert control by performing their own patterns of exclusionary closure (e.g., appropriating biomedical language), increasing their professional status by working with biomedicine, and by breaking boundaries” ( Almeida, 2016 ; Agarwal, 2018 ). Aligning diverse knowledge bases in the practice of medicine is important because providers shape patient beliefs and decision-making based on their training ( Yang et al., 2017 ). Thus, a lack of clarity in ontological frameworks negatively impacts inter-professional collaboration and the patient relationship.

Conclusion.— Along with being more educated and reporting poorer health status, the majority of alternative medicine users appear to be doing so not so much as a result of being dissatisfied with Shamanism conventional medicine but largely because they find these health care alternatives to be more congruent with their own values, beliefs, and philosophical orientations toward health and life.
Although national policies on integration of diverse medical models vary globally, the findings can contribute to informing CAM integration through supporting articulation of informed national policy, practitioner credentialing, and representation of CAM in consumer and patient communication ( World Health Organization, 2004 ). The integration of holistic health practices that constitute a fundamental part of local belief systems with biomedical care has the potential to help with provision of healthcare in rural and developing world contexts in seminal ways ( Flannery et al., 2006 ). For example, in India and China, where two whole systems approaches of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), informal ways for integrating these in patient care have a long-standing and vibrant tradition in many health domains.

In contrast to individuals who use alternative therapies in conjunction with conventional medicine, for whom dissatisfaction with conventional medicine was not a significant predictor of alternative health care use, 2 of the 4 predictors of primary reliance on alternative medicine reflect a general lack of trust in and satisfaction with conventional medical care.

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