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Paradigm Shift Event 2020

With the advancement of technology, changing demographic mix, economic upheavals across the globe, worsening environmental concerns, rise of innovation and the entrepreneurship, the whole workplace dynamics is witnessing a tectonic shift. Mobile apps on your smartphone facilitate connectivity that allows drivers to control their car remotely; you can check your car’s performance, safety and security by communicating with it in real-time and on the go. Rising consumer demands of tech savvy people have made sure that the telematics market continues to grow.
This report brings an original perspective to the analysis of new technologies and the fourth industrial revolution, and reaffirms the role of industrialization as a driver of development,” said Paradigm Shift Bob Proctor DG LI. It is precisely through industrialization that countries can build and strengthen the skills and capabilities needed to succeed in the new technological paradigm”, added DDG Kuniyoshi.

Growing evidence from other similar calls suggests that there is a trend, that the journey of using innovative technology and financial inclusion in the sub-Saharan African is not only picking up but even shows a rather promising outlook for the future, the opportunities for countries in the region are enormous for nations in advancing financial inclusion.
ABU DHABI, 5 November 2019 – The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) launched its 2020 Industrial Development Report (IDR) on Industrializing in the digital age at an event held on the sidelines of the eighteenth Session of the UNIDO General Conference.

Without a combined effort in tackling the MDGs, poverty will still remain the most divisive factor between the North and the South in times of resources scarcity entitling the north to revamp its financial and economic infrastructures with renewed resources to reset the counter, and the south still grappling tooth and nail, with the remnants of a pre-crisis hardship on all fronts.
Within a humanitarian certain, a complex multiplicity of issues may serve as barriers to using digital financial services including location and urgent needs; however those barriers when managed within a considerable period and coupled with financial capability activities (the act of complete financial well-being), then favourable results would be achieved.
It Is Innovation (i3) magazine, the flagship magazine from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, focuses on innovation in technology, policy and business as well as the entrepreneurs, industry leaders and startups that grow the consumer technology industry.

Incremental oil demand should continue to slip relative to GDP, reflecting better technology, demographic shifts and decarbonization trends. Customer acquisition is not something to undergo, it is an activity every company engages in. We asserted how important it is to target for customers who have high potential for future growth.
For example, a paradigm shift in the psychology of the market may result in a change in perspective regarding value as opposed to growth. Create value for the customer, make sure your CVP and « chosen » segments match well, and keep a sharp eye out for future profitability of your customers.

All that we experience this year is ultimately leading us to the paradigm shift in 2020, when Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will meet in Capricorn for the first time in 2,200 years, beginning a whole new age in humanity. The Paradigm Shift business group are culture and behaviour change experts, deeply invested in the personal and professional success of individuals and organisations throughout Australasia.

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