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Nasal Dilator In Cases Of Nasal Obstruction

The AIRMAX® Nasal Dilator for better sleep and better breathing is supplied by McKeon Products, Inc – a health care products provider for over 50 years. In this exploratory study, both the asymmetric butterfly prototype and the currently marketed BRNS clear strip significantly improved some subjective measures of nasal congestion and sleep compared with placebo in subjects with moderate to severe chronic nocturnal nasal congestion and sleep difficulties.
Metabolic gas analysis was not performed in this study because the more practical comparison we were seeking (LT) did not require this measurement and because we lacked the specific mask that would allow for oronasal breathing during the oxygen consumption test.

In 1999, Chinevere et al 26 compared the effects of different modes in the respiratory pattern in four healthy men and six women who were submitted to five maximum tests: treadmill breathing through the nose, nose + dilator, mouth, nose + mouth, and nose + mouth + dilator.
You will soon see that when breathing in, the nostril slightly collapses or closes itself due to the effect of trying to force air nasendilatator through it. This same effect is precisely what happens when we breathe through one nostril while sleeping due to the nasal cycle.

Keep a sleep diary – For a few nights, you or a sleep partner can record if you are snoring and how loud your snoring is, how well you are sleeping, whether you are having trouble breathing (choking or gasping), and whether you feel refreshed in the morning.
Participants who met the entrance criteria, who were currently suffering from nasal congestion every night or almost every night, reported trouble with their sleep and had baseline nasal openness scores at bedtime during the qualification phase of ≤ 70 on a 100-point VAS on at least four of seven qualification nights were randomized to one of two treatments for use at home.
On the ad hoc analysis, in the overall ITT population, the butterfly prototype and BRNS clear strips produced significantly (P < 0.05) greater improvement from baseline to day 7 than the placebo strip for PIRS nighttime sleep parameters (LS mean changes − 2.03, − 2.11, and − 1.05, respectively) and quality of life (− 2.68, − 3.12, and − 1.26, respectively).

Today’s nasal dilators are typically available OTC at retail stores and from the manufacturer’s website, and some can be purchased wholesale by sleep professionals for retailing to patients (of course, rules and regulations must be checked before retailing OTC products at your practice).
Results showed that the BRNS strip significantly reduced daytime sleepiness on the Stanford Sleepiness Scale; improved self-reported ease of breathing, quality of sleep, sleepiness upon awakening, morning concentration, and number of awakenings; and improved partner reports of snoring loudness and movement.

Abstract: Methods and apparatus for treating disorders of the ear, nose, throat or paranasal sinuses, including methods and apparatus for dilating ostia, passageways and other anatomical structures, endoscopic methods and apparatus for endoscopic visualization of structures within the ear, nose, throat or paranasal sinuses, navigation devices for use in conjunction with image guidance or navigation system and hand held devices having pistol type grips and other handpieces.
The subject answered questions about the dry mouth feeling on a 1-5-scale (5 the driest) and answered a validated questionnaire about quality of sleep (Epworth Sleepiness Scale 53 ). These three instruments were administered immediately before and 2 weeks after the study started.

47 – 50 The first randomized study to show snoring reduction using an END was carried out with 12 nonobese individuals with a mean age of 43±2.8 years, diagnosed with chronic rhinitis and high nasal resistance ( Table 3 ). 49 In that study, snoring frequency was significantly lower with the END compared with placebo (P=0.016).

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