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There has been a lot of confusion about how the newly implemented HST affects the purchase of a new, or used home. CMHC will now have to hold enough capital to be able to absorb direct mortgage losses, something it has never had to do. In addition, the program being aimed at borrowers who have been previously priced out of accessing credit markets may introduce lower credit quality borrowers into the mix.
You must open your first new Eligible Personal Banking Account by 9:00 PM EST on February 27, 2020 and complete two of the following Qualifying Criteria by 9:00 PM EST on April 30, 2020: apply, get approved for and activate a new RBC credit card; complete any purchase with the debit card linked to your Eligible Personal Banking Account; complete an Interac e-Transfer or mobile cheque deposit; or complete any of the Non-Student Account Qualifying Criteria.

B20 requires borrowers who pay a down payment of more than 20 per cent to demonstrate that they can afford a mortgage (or home equity line of credit) at a rate two percentage points above the rate being offered or at the Bank of Canada’s five-year benchmark rate, whichever is higher.
Through the use of advanced risk assessment tools, analytics and third-party data, as well as collaboration with the provinces and territories to share information and access to data, the CRA is continuously enhancing its ability to detect, and take action whenever it finds, real estate transactions where parties have failed to pay the required taxes.

In addition, allowing defined benefit plans to fully transfer the responsibility to provide pensions to a regulated life insurance company through the purchase of annuities will improve plan sustainability and better protect retirees’ pensions from the risk of employer insolvency.
Easements are a big issue and cases are always being written up in the newspapers and real estate journals, about buyers who didn’t realize they weren’t allowed We Buy Houses Ontario to put up fencing or create a parking space because the property survey they were working from didn’t actually show the City’s rights to access the property.

The greater pessimism of people in Ontario is likely attributable to the B20 mortgage rules having a greater impact on homebuyers there than in most other regions, significantly reducing the amount that the average homebuyer can borrow,” said Andrew.

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