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We are manufacturing customer specific products for different industrial sectors as a subcontractor. Companies that may qualify for AMBA membership, for example, might include those engaged in mold design, mold polishing, custom mold base manufacturing, custom mold component manufacturing, mold texturing and mold repair among other possibilities, say AMBA officials.
Copper continuous casting 1. Copper Continuous Casting Derek E. Tyler, Olin Brass (Retired) Richard P. Vierod, Olin Brass COPPER ALLOY PRODUCTS such as Muotti valmistus strip, billet, rod, or tube are continuous cast, defined as the continuous solidification and withdrawal of product from an open-ended shaping mold.

Component Molding (Milfoam) supplied Dixie Narco, a leading manufacturer of vending Sincere Tech, with the solution: a molded urethane bottle recovery assembly which is resilient enough to receive and deliver glass bottles without breakage but has sufficient structure to replace traditional metal and plastic materials.
On that day plastic products can be recycled to a collective collection point at Premix, Muovitie 4, Rajamäki. PM Mold is a global supplier to the world, routinely shipping molds and plastic injection molded parts throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, South America, and Asia.

As we are continiously developing more and more complex injection molding tools, we are keeping our team small, intentionally. In Hyvinkää we produce e.g. rubber mold and special products, and have our mold workshop, rubber mix manufacturing and laboratory.
When the products are finished, we also offer storage and logistics services to our clients. The resulting injection molds meet the requirements of both prototype and production into the hundreds of thousands of parts. Take the advantages and possibilities of plastic injection molding and apply them when designing a complex steel part.

The most up-to-date technologies in injection molding, stretch-blow molding and extrusion molding are used to produce packages across the wide range of market segments. 1992 Camteam became involved in telecommunication business by producing both injection molded mobile phone prototype parts for Nokia and Benefon.
They are able to handle a wide variety of materials in their processes, from thermoplastics to thermosets and elastomers. Through this process, we ensure high consistent quality and availability within the delivery times. To be closer to our customers in Europe, we support them with tool maintenance and modifications services from our Finland factory in Turku.

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