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How To Pick The Best Durian

Singapore lies South-East of Asia, at the tip of the Malay Peninsula. Some of the people on the 2015 Durian Tour took home seeds to plant and play knows, maybe cross pollination will yield something as bright and exciting as the Rainbow Durian in Banyuwangi.Lowianus doesn’t taste like a normal durian, although the color is brilliant enough to rival Musang King.
To preserve its taste, the durians are delivered fresh from farm to Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Johor and Singapore daily. Aka Red Prawn” Durians due to their deep durian musang king orangey-red color flesh. All durians are packed and delivered within the day so as to guarantee every customer satisfaction when tasting the durians.

I smell the durian before I see it. The taste of this prickly fruit is unique, and people tend to either love it or hate it. I’m somewhere in the middle; I enjoy the soft, custardy texture and buttery onion flavor going down, but find the aftertaste, which lingers way too long, unpleasant.
Can and recognize durian Tekka’s seam if you pay some attention to it. Unlike Musang King which has a flat and round seam, Tekka’s seam is pointy. We’ll talk about the taste profile, texture, color, place of origin and the average price point for these durians.

Hardcore durian lovers will gravitate towards the Horlor, which sits pretty high on the bitter scale with a flesh that clings to the mouth like thick peanut butter. Expect to dig in the delicious flesh of XO, Tekka, D24 and Musang King durians at the May Jie stall, with the highlight being the reigning champion of Malaysian durians – the golden-hued, custard-like texture of sweet Musang King.
Zarir intends to continue to keep a low profile despite having one of the best durians in the country, as he says he entered the competition simply to see where his durians stood. Yellow chile peppers may have earthy, sweet, fruity, floral, or smoky flavors, and the spice levels will vary dramatically between cultivars ranging from mild, moderate, to scorching.
Each Durian type has its own unique flavour, the bitterness taste of the Durian determines its price among all. Dulai Fruits bagged awards in not one, but two categories, nabbing the titles of Musang King and Tekka champion. The taste is getting better and better every year because the trees have matured.

Pada bulan Disember 2015, durian ini telah dijenamakan semula dengan nama Musang Queen” sebagai pasangan kepada durian Musang King( D197). Musang King: Bright yellow color with a bitter or sweet taste. Liking a durian the first time has a lot to do with choosing the right one for you.
You’re going to take the plunge and taste the King of Fruit, the Durian. Get FRESH durians delivered to you on the same day. Alternatively, you may order the durians which are also available in Grab Food where delivery can be made to your door step. I also ate it alone, for perhaps the first time ever, which made me appreciate just how much better durian tastes when you can celebrate with friends.

It doesn’t feel like the durian season has started until I’ve got a taste of this yellow, pillowy and herbal-metallic flesh. The surface of the flesh is smooth, the meat is smooth and tender, and the sweetness is bitter. Flying the flag for the largest state producer of durians in Malaysia will be Weng Fatt Orchard Trading from Raub, Pahang.
The « Ochee » durian has lately become the crown jewel of the king of fruits. Durians are de-husked, vacuum-packed and sealed to avoid any odour contamination during delivery. Their small, pearl-like seeds are encased in pale, almost grey flesh that leans more towards bitter than sweet.

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