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Reasons Daytime Dating Is Better

But here’s the thing: If you know about day game, and you still aren’t approaching regularly, odds are that you’re not going to start without making some changes. This principle applies to everything in life, you need to make the transition how to meet women during the night from scarcity to abundance, and that will only be achieved by accumulating A LOT of reference experiences by taking more numbers than you think you can handle, arranging a lot of dates and being fearless about rejection.
I therefore state at the outset that my own understanding has been strongly influenced by the daygame scene in London, as represented by the website Perhaps the best evidence for its official status, other than snagging the domain name, is its association with the leading English outfit PUA Training.

You’ll find that girls have a healthy respect for honesty in a guy regarding this subject matter – some might freak out and be uncomfortable with the idea of you potentially seeing other girls, while others are fine with it. At this stage in the game you’ll be able to see how much a relationship is benefitting you or not and whether you’re both growing as a couple or if she is just dragging you down.
When I meet a new daygamer on the street (usually they approach me), I used to like to watch them approach a few times before exchanging numbers – I didn’t realize how common it is for people to read a little bit about daygame and claim to be good at it, and then they are terrified to run up to a 6.5 and tell her she has interesting shoes to even warm up. It’s unfortunate how effective this filter is, but it works.

I also tried some online game, and girls online seem to be sometimes looking for lovers or sometimes boyfriends and they are optimizing from among a wide selection of online men and probably aren’t even that happy with the results , and in NYC women will struggle with getting commitment from a guy.
These are some of the major reasons guys turn to daygame to escape all of this drama and feel more in control about the girls they’re meeting; it gives immediate feedback on what level your game is at when you’re in a daygame interaction compared to the many variants in its counterpart.

I did nightgame some years ago, and occasionally I would have an intense lover connection with a girl I met at a bar or a club, and occasionally I would experience a non-lover connection from a girl where she is interested in me for whatever reason, but the sex was more… …dutiful.
Looking back on my twenties, throughout which I remained single, the greatest cause of bitterness was not the loneliness or the sexual frustration, but the powerlessness to change it. Powerlessness is the ugliest insult to the individual and anybody who would wish it upon you may as well want you dead, and on some level they probably do. Yet, society quite happily tells men that they are powerless, and daygame has proved them wrong.

On a related note, I find myself correcting girls who over apologize – you don’t need to apologize for that” ( Mr.V , after reading this, said it’s better to say You gotta stop apologizing” and I agree that is more direct and probably better) and it usually feels like the right thing to do, probably because I get annoyed with people (men and women) who apologize too much.

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