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In our daily reports, we comment on the background and outlook for the gold price, but from time to time we refer to other precious metals. This means that following the new guidance, many of the hundreds of crypto exchanges operating globally will have to apply and be licensed as securities dealers to work in Canada, if they maintain their current business models, the Globe and Mail noted in an article.
Moreover, investors may prefer to rely on an investment fund manager to take the necessary precautionary security measures (such as securing passwords) cryptocurrencies canada and complete the necessary due diligence recommended before depositing money with a wallet provider or cryptocurrency exchange and engaging in trading.

As discussed in the Staff Notice, the Canadian prospectus regime would apply to an offering of shares or units of a cryptocurrency fund in Canada subject to the important additional restriction that the offering memorandum exemption is not available for distributions of investment funds in Ontario or Quebec and this exemption is subject to other restrictions in certain other provinces.
The Staff Notice also pointed out that cryptocurrency exchanges that permit trading of coins, tokens or cryptocurrencies that qualify as securities” against national fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies will also be subject to Canadian securities law requirements if some market participants are located in Canada.

By using Hash-Time Locked Contracts across the two DLT platforms to synchronise all actions making up a transaction (so that either all actions or no actions happen), the teams successfully demonstrated a cross-border, cross-currency, cross-platform atomic transaction without the need for a third party that is trusted by both jurisdictions”.21 Once again, this experiment was a fairly specific proof-of-concept, and the report acknowledges that many opportunities for in-depth research remain open.
As each jurisdiction decides on its approach, it is clear that governments and regulatory authorities are aware of the growing popularity and use of cryptocurrency as a capital raising mechanism, and that such attention by the authorities will mean enforcement of regulation and at times perhaps even the introduction of new regulations that issuers, investors, and virtual currency exchanges, will have to contend with.

35 In its statement the Finanstilsynet emphasizes that it has evaluated the use of the Bitcoin system and found that Bitcoin does not fall under any of the financial services categories, including the issuing of electronic money, payment for services, currency exchanges, or the issuing of mortages; thus, Bitcoin activity is not covered under current financial regulation.

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