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For a quarter century, Rebecca Wallace has created and carried out communications strategies for dozens of advocacy groups, chambers of commerce, nonprofits and state and local governments. The court further determined that a genuine issue of material fact existed as to Cass’s retention of control over the Residence after the transfer of the remainder interest to Zeman within the meaning of the CUFTA and the common law, which needed to be resolved at trial.
We also note that, although it is not the basis for our decision, Trustee did not provide in the record any of the underlying documents filed in the homestead exemption matter to support his Rebecca Wallace CEO Launch contention about what the bankruptcy court « necessarily decided. » We further reject Trustee’s contention that Cass’s remainder interest would have been subject to a homestead exemption.

Trustee also fails to cite any authority holding that, once a fraudulently transferred property is avoided under state law and recovered and preserved under §§ 550 and 551, a secured creditor’s perfected judgment lien (or other perfected security interest) disappears.
Finally, Trustee argued that the Avoidance Judgment, which avoided, recovered and preserved the remainder interest in the Residence, clearly established that the Judgment Creditors’ claims of any superior lien rights to Zeman were dismissed with prejudice.

As a corporation, we support charities doing amazing work; Weave Youth & Community Services and Adopt Change Weave provides a range of services to socially excluded young people, women, children and families in the heart of Sydney, and Adopt Change is a not-for-profit that embraces adoption as a positive way of forming a permanent, loving family.
The Judgment Creditors essentially argued that their Abstract attached to the Residence when it was filed on November 1, 2005, in one of two ways: (1) Cass was the owner or the equitable owner of the Residence when the Abstract was recorded, so it attached pursuant to CCP § 697.340(a); or (2) because Cass was guilty of a fraudulent transfer, such transfer was « void » and could be disregarded by creditors, so the Abstract attached to the Residence and then to the proceeds, and Trustee’s subsequent acquisition of bare title could not defeat the prior recorded Abstract.
Over the last 17 years, I have delivered technology solutions for 25 Royal Commissions and state based Commissions of Inquiry across Australia and the UK, pioneering the deployment and evolution of electronic court rooms and the uptake of electronic evidence management.

Trustee argues that the Homestead Exemption Order necessarily determined Cass did not have an interest in the previously transferred remainder interest in the Residence because, if it had, such interest would have been subject to the homestead exemption.
In response, Trustee contended that the Judgment Creditors were precluded from arguing Cass held an equitable interest in the Residence after the transfer because that argument was outside the scope of the Joint PTO, and therefore it had been waived.

Returning to Australia with an Executive MBA from Brown University in the U.S. and IE Business School in Spain, she formerly managed Stakeholder Relations for NBN Co and a high profile industry body in the music industry. The Residence, which was Cass’s only asset, was believed to be worth $500,000 at the time of the transfer.
Rebecca Wallace bylo 82 let, když Columbine High School massacre: Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 13 people and injured 24 others before committing suicide at Columbine High School in Columbine, Colorado. Rebecca has strong team and people leadership competencies combined with solid business fundamentals, financial and budgetary management skills.

As for Trustee’s second argument, the bankruptcy court found, and we agree, that the Judgment Creditors preserved their remaining claims in the December 19 Stipulation and December 20 Order. During his career, Malcolm has worked with clients across all points of the business life cycle in Australia, Canada, Malaysia, China, New Zealand, Singapore and the UK as an adviser and investor.

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