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Sydney Laminate Flooring

We think it’s essential for our customers to know first-hand everything they need to know about our products. As it is installed without nailing or gluing , no adhesive residues result. Pros include a modern look, with various colours and embedded contrast to create a distinctive look; can be hard-wearing and easy to clean. Under the right conditions – adjacent to large, north-facing windows – it can be used to provide passive heating in winter. Bamboo costs around $90/m2 for either structural or floating floor boards.
We’re sure to have the timber flooring style to suit your taste and your budget. Pros include an almost inexhaustible range of styles, patterns and colours, easy maintenance, fairly soft underfoot and good fade-resistance. It’s also priced to suit a range of budgets and is easy to install, even DIY. There is now a version of vinyl called vinyl planking, which is not glued down and, if damaged, planks can be removed individually to replace rather than the entire flooring. When you’re searching for premium quality flooring with a range of materials, styles and finishes, Wood Worths Floors is the top supplier of retail flooring in Auburn. With more than 5 years of experience in delivering customers both retail and wholesale solid timber flooring, our team of experts is passionate about delivering fantastic solutions every time.

Our services covers all aspect of timber flooring job related work. Lion King Flooring offers laminate flooring, bamboo flooring, engineered timber flooring and vinyl flooring at reasonable prices and we can arrange freight to the most places in Australia. Our range of products are suitable for most homes, new and old. Laminate floors are a multi-layered product, at Thrust Floors we supply the highest quality laminate flooring in Sydney.
Our laminate flooring can exude rustic warmth through the characteristic wood knots and limed, washed finishes or sleek modernism through the silky surface textures and the accentuated grooves. The gentle tones and ever changing play of light and shade ensure your floor is an envied feature of your home. Grand Provincial Oak laminate flooring is a bold collection which radiates an new level of refinement in laminate flooring. The laminate flooring boards are a generous 2200mm long by 189mm width, replicating European styled Oak plank. If you’re looking for timber flooring inspiration, feel free to check out our customer image gallery. Nothing makes us simple more than seeing photos of the finished and installed product sitting proudly in our customer’s homes.
At Esspada Collection, we have installers who are experts in professional installation and provide a high grade installation service. Developed as an alternative to standard timber flooring, laminate flooring has the advantage of being hard wearing and scratch resistant. It’s also economic and ideal for a cost efficient flooring option. One of the great features of laminate flooring which is often overlooked is the fact that it provides excellent sound proofing. A thick laminate flooring in Sydney can help dampen the sound from passing trains and cars if you live in a particularly busy district of the city. At Dluxhom we improve the sound proofing by adding a high quality acoustic underlay which is designed to further minimize noises.

You can lay between 100 to 300 feet a day but this depends on your type of product. All our flooring products including bamboo flooring, engineered flooring and laminate flooring are eco friendly. Unlike conventional laminate flooring, our floors use real wood to achieve a unique timber look laminate flooring. Instead of just an image of the wood on the surface of the board, a thin layer of actual wood is presented.
Choose from an extensive range of plank lengths and widths. You’re sure to find the perfect timber flooring you will love. Laminate flooring in Sydney offers the natural beauty of timber flooring, without the price tag.
It also exhibits an Aquashield, the world’s first dedicated hyper water-resistant sealer for laminate flooring. Most high quality and modern laminate floors definitely add value to a home, just as a real hardwood timber floor will.

Once your floorboards have been installed, the expansion gaps can be caulked with silicone, which will provide a waterproof barrier, but still allow for expansion. The skirting boards and doors will be replaced and painted if necessary. Your floors are ready to be vacuumed and mopped, and your laminate flooring installer will clean up their work area to remove any offcuts, dust, and rubbish. From home in the outback, cottage by the beach, or inner-city apartment, there is a timber floor to match the vibe and feel of your home.
Because it’s highly resistant to stains, laminate is extremely easy to clean. This makes it highly popular with people who have kids and pets and thus don’t have to worry about always running around the house to clean the surface right away. Imagine Floors by Airstep offers an extensive laminate range with varying board lengths including longboards.

Our Sydney range is a beautifully created laminate that looks great and is budget-friendly. With a warm and natural feel, this range boasts a 15-year warranty, a realistic v-grove and wood grain textured finish, all while being easy to install. Each laminate flooring board is 7 mm thick, 192 mm wide and 1292 mm long, with each pack covering an impressive 2.5 metres square. Featuring a durable AC3 rating, a fade-resistant coating and meets ISO antibacterial standards, the Sydney range is ideal for your home.
All laminate floors from Quick-Step are designed to deliver the best value. These floors are stunningly beautiful and imitate the look and feel of wood to perfection. Taurus Flooring, based in Eastwood, provide a professional floor contracting service to homeowners, architects, interior designers and contractors. We’re experts who have worked in the flooring industry for many years and we have become the trusted source for advice and knowledge when it comes to designing floors. We work with all the major brands and some niche products also.
It is known for its modernized tongue-and-groove technique of joining boards. For this reason, a number of homeowners choose to install laminate flooring on their own without having to dig into their budget to pay for a team of professionals. The time it takes to install laminate greatly depends on the size of the area you wish to cover, but generally speaking – it’s a two-day job when you’re looking to refresh one sizeable room in your home. At Carpet Right we stock only the superior ranges and designer collections of commercial and residential quality laminate flooring. The product has a decorative layer of wood-look print, finished with a high-quality surface grading making laminate flooring durable and comfortable. AA Plus Flooring also offer supply only and install service provided by our qualified and experienced installers. So, whether you’re building a new home, renovating or simply want to rip the old carpet offand give your interior a fresh new look, we are the professionals to call.

Laminate flooring happens to offer a number of advantages over numerous other types of natural fiber flooring. Perhaps the biggest advantage that many people who buy laminate flooring in Sydney are aware of is its durability. Because laminate is made artificially it allows for manufactures to enhance certain features like waterproofing, shine and overall color pattern among others. This allows people more variety from which to choose from. Proline’s range of laminate flooring that comes in the colours and styles of natural oak.

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