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Insurance And Social Security Disability Lawyer In Phoenix, AZ

But if that person is also receiving VA benefits they’ll be able to retain a little bit more of their monthly income to pay for little extras that someone might need. Generally I work with the veterans on the pension with the Aid and Attendance benefit because that is the benefit that is most frequently utilized by the elderly veterans, and there are three criteria that they need to look at. A form would be completed by that care provider, who could even be a family member.
Request a free, no obligation consultation today to learn what legal options are available for pursuing disability benefits. There are no upfront fees when you work with us and payment is only due if we recover compensation for you. The Phoenix Social Security Disability attorneys at Dayes Law Firm know how to win your SSD claim. We will vigorously cross-examine the government’s medical and vocational witnesses against you. Your claim did not get to the hearing level without evidence in the record which is contrary to your interests, or unless you have failed to meet one of your burdens of proof . If a child becomes disabled before age 22, he or she may be eligible for disabled adult child benefits if a parent is deceased or starts receiving retirement or disability benefits. The SSA will consider you a disabled “child” because you will be collecting SSDI benefits based on your qualifying parent’s Social Security earnings.

If your Social Security Disability application is denied, the next step is reconsideration and the following step is a hearing. can help you construct a solid, fact-based, case explaining why you are entitled to and deserve Social Security Disability benefits. You have worked to provide for your family and you’re entitled to the protection Disability Attorney Phoenix you have paid for. has over 50 years of combined experience practicing Social Security Disability law in Arizona and a proven track record of winning cases for their clients. If you are in need of government benefits and don’t know how to start, contact the Law Office of Paul J. Dombeck today for your free initial consultation.

If you have a recent VA decision and would like to appeal, contact us now at to get started on your consultation. It is very common to feel overwhelmed by bureaucratic responsibilities and buried under a mountain of paperwork. VA tried to gather the evidence necessary to establish service connection (e.g. service medical or personnel records), but couldn’t find them and gave up. We treat our clients like family and are here to help you every step of the way. Other products and services may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
Our attorneys can spot and cure technical defects rapidly and potentially assist you to avoid the SSD hearing process altogether. The Phoenix Social Security Disability attorneys from Dayes Law Firm have the knowledge, experience, and available resources necessary to help you obtain the benefits you deserve. You have worked hard, and at Dayes Law Firm, we believe that you must be compensated for your inability to work. SSDI is a federal government program that provides benefits to workers who have lost the ability to earn an income due to a complete disability.

Amanda stayed on at her host organization, the Arizona Center for Disability Law, as a staff attorney. She continues to provide special education advocacy and representation to Arizona’s children with disabilities, including children impacted by foster care. Though entitled to special education, Arizona foster youth with disabilities are routinely denied services and experience inferior learning environments because they lack consistent educational advocates. If you believe that you are disabled and would like to know more about applying for Social Security Disability with any of the following conditions, you can complete afree evaluation formto find out if you qualify. Social Security Disability Insurance, also known as SSDI or SSD, provides income to individuals no longer able to work because of a physically or psychologically restrictive disability. SSDI is funded by payroll taxes and does not depend on the recipient’s income level, as it is based solely on work history and the degree of disability.
These conditions can interfere with an individual’s ability to achieve gainful employment, thereby making that person eligible for SSDI or SSI benefits. If you would like assistance scheduling an appointment at your closest SSA office, you can fill out ourfree evaluationto get connected with a disability attorney in either our Arizona or Pennsylvania offices.
You may find yourself wondering how you will pay medical bills and rent, put food on the table, or even provide for your family. is a leading Arizona law firm dedicated to the representation of clients involving all aspects of Social Security Disability Law. We handle cases throughout the greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area, Kingman, Yuma, and all of Arizona. When individuals encounter problems related to receiving SSDI benefits, they must know how to find a good disability lawyer. In fact, it is the only chance they will ever have the chance to finally get the benefits that they deserve. A good Social Security Disability attorney will be acutely familiar with the American Disabilities Act, as the ADA regulates the employment rights of disabled persons. Under the ADA, in order for individuals to qualify for SSDI benefits, they must meet the minimum requirements for recentness of employment and time worked.

At OPR, you are always represented by an experienced Arizona attorney. We travel around the state to represent our clients and have extensive experience in front of the judges in Phoenix and Tucson, where all SSD hearings in AZ are held. We can tell you exactly what to expect when you go to Court and know how to prepare your case for the best possible outcome. An attorney or non-attorney advocate who flies in from across the country cannot provide that level of local ability or the rapport we have with Arizona SSA staff and doctors that make decisions and provide evidence for your case. Our attorneys have represented tens of thousands of Social Security and Long Term Disability claims and have represented over fifteen thousand claimants in hearings and litigation. With more than 100 years of combined experience, we know what we are doing.
If the BVA denies the appeal, the next appeal is to the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims . At the CAVC, the case becomes adversarial, i.e. the Veteran versus the government. In the case of veteran appeals, veterans experience difficulty obtaining new evidence which is often required for the VA to overturn the previous denial. VA’s programs are designed to help disabled vets as much as possible, with all manner of physical and mental conditions.

Health benefits claims for residential drug and alcohol treatment.We successfully settled a lawsuit involving denial of a claim for in-patient drug abuse treatment for an employee’s dependent teenage child. COBRA requires employers and health plans to provide notice to an employee who may be losing their health benefits. COBRA also explains how employees and their family members may choose to extend their health insurance coverage. Life events, such as marriage, pregnancy, childbirth, adoption, legal separation, divorce, death or a dependent child becoming too old for coverage under the plan may affect your rights or your family’s rights to health benefits. COBRA and the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act also allow military servicemen and servicewomen to continue coverage for themselves and their family under group health insurance plans. If a disability prevents you from working, your long-term disability insurance or short-term disability insurance plan may entitle you to continued pay and benefits during your disability. The law governing rights under health benefits plans is complicated, and in many cases insurance companies do not know how to apply the law properly.
After leaving the service, he opened his own firm focused on criminal defense, but where he also helped Veterans with legal work, particularly supporting fellow Vietnam Veterans who had been disabled in service. John has helped grow the firm while keeping its roots in military work ethic and values. The hardest aspect to select for is how effective your lawyer will be at presenting your case with research, evidence, and arguments. The appeals process can be long, but as long as you have preserved your effective date by keeping appeals open, you are entitled to receive back pay for every month that elapsed during the process. Initial claims generally take several months to process, although they can be expedited for certain reasons, including terminal illness, Veteran age over 75, homelessness, or financial hardship.

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