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If a servicemember has sufficient creditable military service, he is placed on the (disability retired list( and begins to draw disability retired pay. Disability Attorney Tucson This system is managed by the Department of Defense . The USFSPA allows a divorce court to award a share of a member’s pay as marital property.
You can have a high chance of having your disability application approved by simply getting a Tucson disability lawyer. Besides from helping you with all your paperwork, you can also get a professional opinion about your chances of having your claim approved. In addition to this, you will also have official representation in case you may need to appeal.

Even if the parties cannot come to an agreement on everything, it is important to submit a partially negotiated settlement. For example, Jane and Jeff agree how to divide all of their assets, but their house. They also agree on legal and physical custody of their minor child, but not on Jeff’s parenting time. To minimize their expenses at trial, Jane and Jeff should sign a parenting agreement as to custody, but reserve the issue of parenting time for trial. They should also sign a property agreement, which documents all of their agreements regarding property and debt division, but reserves the issue of the marital residence for trial.
Once you reach the hearing level, your case will be assigned a specific local attorney to prepare you and your case for hearing. Bill Gordon and Associates has been helping clients since 1992.

I am prepared to do whatever I can to ensure that you get your Social Security disability benefits. This is a long and complicated process and you owe it to yourself to do everything you can to get the benefits you are due. Getting the Social Security disability benefits you are due should not add to your problems. Unfortunately, the process of applying for benefits is so complicated that most people cannot manage it by themselves.
Assists ex-serviceman and dependents with claims and requests for various state and federal benefits. Assists adults with disabilities providing information and services, benefits assistance, and legal referrals. Harper Law represents employees with disability claims against their employers and we can help you if you’ve been harassed, discriminated against, unfairly treated, or even fired due to a disability. We can help gather the information and documentation needed to bring and support a disability discrimination claim.
Our experienced attorneys practice in areas of the law that have been historically under-served, including prisoner civil rights and railroad disability annuities. We also help individuals obtain Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits and Supplemental Security Income benefits. In addition, we provide aggressive representation in personal injury cases, including motor vehicle accidents and wrongful deaths.

You can be confident in the fact that we do it all the time and we are very successful. Workplace injuries, family hardships and plain bad luck can conspire against the most well intentioned of individuals to make it impossible to keep up with the mountain of bills that confront you every month.
Find an attorney who understands the ins and outs of SSD laws and benefit applications. Search for an attorney with experience in cases like yours and ask them tough questions to make sure they are the right fit. Many experienced SSD attorneys are out there waiting to help advocate on behalf of clients. The LawInfo Directory can help you find a verified SSD attorney in Tucson. Having a lawyer during the appeals process will give your denial a much better chance of being overturned.

It has been providing legal assistance for workers’ compensation cases for over 30 years. The firm also provides legal representation in supplemental security income claims, appeals, and Social Security disability cases. Dee-Dee Samet, the founding attorney, is a member of the Pima County Bar Board, and she has won various accolades including the Sarah Herring Sorin Award in 2013. Art Gage Law in Tucson, Arizona, represents clients injured on the job, filing workers’ compensation claims seeking payment for medical expenses, lost wages, and permanent disability. The firm gathers evidence from the incident and coordinates with medical professionals.
Do not use this website to provide confidential information about a legal matter. The State Bar of Arizona, Public Service Center , provides access to independent attorneys and information provided by those independent attorneys. PSC is not a law firm or a substitute for an attorney or law firm.
Responds to requests for assistance, interviews potential clients, and provides legal advice and information. In Arizona, disabled individuals are protected from discrimination in connection with their employment by the Americans With Disabilities Act , as well as other related federal and state laws. Unfortunately, many disabled Arizona employees still find themselves subject to discrimination in the workplace and are often confused about what their rights and obligations truly are. I have had such a great experience working with both Rachel and her Paralegal Vanessa. They walked me through every step of appealing my long term disability case.

The information that I provide will not be kept confidential. The information on this website is general information and does not constitute legal advice and the reader should not rely on it to solve their individual problem. Choosing our Arizona Disability Attorneys provides advantages you can’t get from national firms and non-local advocates. When clients thank me for helping them, I say, “It’s my job, but also my pleasure.” I feel so fortunate to earn a living and support my family by helping others.
You cannot change the beneficiaries of any insurance policy without permission of the court. Do not use your child as a courier service to deliver messages, money or information. Additionally, a trial does not necessarily mean the case is over. Each party may, within a limited period of time, appeal to a higher court. An appeal adds more time and expense to the divorce process and is hard to win. Prior to or during settlement negotiations, but before trial, each spouse is entitled to receive information about the other, such as income and the identity of all assets and debts known to each party. Oftentimes the depth of discovery depends upon the size and value of the estate and the length of the marriage.

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