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Flowerbomb Eau De Parfum

I’m not sure what to attribute the intense sugary aspect of this fragrance to. None of the listed notes scream « sugar » to me. Flowerbomb is a pleasant smelling feminine fragrance and although it is a little on the synthetic side of things it is unlikely to offend. Unfortunately however, it doesn’t project well or last more than 2 hours on my skin.
All Orders must also have a physical address and not a P.O. Vagabonds entwined recycling with haute couture. Focused on conscious designing, Viktor & Rolf manifested a collection made entirely from discarded materials from their atelier. Strips of fabric were braided, offshoots of tulle were sewn together, and buttons were clustered as embellishment. Overall the garments expressed the artistic possibilities of recycling.

At any rate I am loving the my new chemistry with Flowerbomb. Some people compare it to La Vie est Belle from Lancome, and I can see why. Even though the olfactory composition of these two fragrances are quite different, the smell of their sweetness is almost identical. Must be the chemical components they both contain. But La Vie est Belle is more reminiscent of a middle aged woman. I want to love this fragrance more than I actually do.
I found myself frequently reaching for it, slightly conscious of how I might look to a bystander. It smelled gorgeous, irresistible, and self-indulgent. It was the first time that a fragrance had caught my attention in such a powerful way.

Many say that Flowerbomb is basic and boring. I actually haven’t smelt it a lot where I live, I even blind bought it because I couldn’t find it. I would say that to me it smells classic, like a scent that has stood the test of time and one that you always want to own. It’s not groundbreaking or complex, it is simple and elegant. It doesn’t try too much and it knows what it is. It smells exactly like drinking a sugary sweet tea outside, near a bed of flowers.
I do think this is less cloying that LVEB and smells a bit less sweet and more sophisticated. This one is like the impersonation of a flower bouquet, but not the flower bouquet itself. I LOVE smelling it on others, and often compliment my friends when they wear it, and yet I LOATHE it on my own skin.

i think this smells gourmand like and very delicious! its very sweet and creamy if thats not weird to say, with strong warm vanilla and faint floral notes. its also a little powdery but in a very comforting way. to me the patchouli is not strong at all even though this got the most votes on the perfume pyramid. just the perfect amount that gives it dimension and depth. its very feminine and i find it quiet sexy and alluring.
For what I paid, I hoped people would have noticed it. Top notes are bergamot, tea, and osmanthus. Middle notes of jasmine, african orange flower, freesia, orchid, and rose. Flowerbomb Nectar is quite a lovely perfume.
The bottle was designed by Fabien Baron, in shape of diamond-granate, alluding at the fragrance itself, since it is so explosive, sophisticated and glamorous. It was introduced at the 10th anniversary of Viktor&Rolf house’s work. It is available as 30, 50 and 100 ml EDP and EDT. I usually like more masculine smells but this is the one girly smell that has me sold for the rest of my life. If you’re thinking about purchasing this fragrance, you won’t be disappointed.

Here at the start this crass currant note is missing, the flowery middle part goes roughly however in a similar direction. A fruity and juicy mandarin is present at the start. A very successful and slightly playful opening, which doesn’t look cheap. At low dosage, even the environment should be able to find peace with the fragrance. The freesia note loosens up the perfume a bit and gives some freshness, which should not have been missing here either, because Flowerbomb slips almost into the gourmand genre. I now understand Flowerbomb’s legion of disciples and spin-offs (there’s the hair mist, the body cream, the rollerball, the shower gel, the oil). I always thought Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb smelled great on other people.
I kept getting whiffs of what smelled like Flowerbomb in the deep drydown. Since then I can’t smell Flowerbomb and NOT think of tea.

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