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Encre Noire Lalique For Men

If you’re looking for an experience, you might enjoy this one. If you’re looking for a people pleaser, look elsewhere.
A vetiver celebration sounds like such a nice idea! I might have to take a bath with my homemade vetiver salts today to top it all off.

If I Remember correctly, I bought a bottle from Parfum1 during their 25% sale for less than $40. Testers are the same as the original perfumes you will find in original bottles. It becomes a bear to wear at this point because the nice Haitian vetiver is smothered with a TON of rough ISO-E Super. Its like turning on a loud white noise in the middle of listening to some good music. In with the cypress is a bourbon vetiver, much smoother than its rough textured Haitian vetiver sibling. It starts out with a densely green cypress note.
It’s beautifully noir, like a bouquet of roses rising up amidst a forest that is just starting its new life after a wildfire. opening notes feel like clean forest with burning tires and that’s very nice part. And, probably because of the name, very much hoping this is what squid smell like to each other. Encre Noir is Marvelous cool and very long lasting scent. I often tried to love it, but sadly it seems we are not meant for one another. I still however appreciate it for what it is. This is the real proof that you can make a masterpiece, whith just 4 notes.

Had it not been for the instant amazement , I might as well have stopped buying more perfume – because, frankly, I already felt a bit of guilt at four bottles. But Encre Noire simply redefined my notion of ‘perfume’. A new domain of beauty opened up, and I couldn’t stop at the gates. Not the postcard kind, but the original one, with wuthering heights and icy Caspar David Friedrich twilights.
To achieve a longer effect, try layering your Encre Noire. Using the Encre Noire bath gel, moisturizer, or powder before applying the actual fragrance will usually have a longer lasting effect. Apply the perfume low on your body allowing the scent to rise. Also, apply it behind your ears and neck. A light spray on your hair can last all day. Encre Noire à l’Extrême is a revved-up version of the much-adored, classic vetiver scent, Encre Noire. This time the vetiver is soft and calming, a smooth smokiness that intends to lure you into the darkness – and we’d advise you follow.
I label this as a spring scent because it is far from a beachy summer scent. If you’re wondering, I have also tried the Sport version, which IMO smells very similar to IM L’eau D’issey. It’s a more aquatic and citrusy take on the original.

More interested in the higher register effects. Encre Noire was going to go for a different style; plumbing the woody depths underneath the green. What was also so interesting about doing that was there was a smoky quality just waiting to be separated and amplified. Right now I’m in love with Chanel’s Sycomore. I tried MPG’s Route du Vetiver and I was not very impressed at all. It smelled very rootsy and had a berry or black currant underlying sweetness to it.
Ultra polished and still doesn’t manage mass appeal. This was one of the very first niche scents I bought a sample of, I found it monotonous and plain. I have long wanted to write a review of Encre Noire but every time I do it turns into a hagiography! I enjoyed reading your review immensely. Thank you for your beautiful review, Victoria. Generally speaking I like vetiver, most of all Racine MPG, but also the light, elegant Grey Vetiver Tom Ford.

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It competes neither with designers nor the niche scents of this world, it is Buddhism among the millions of other religions. Gorgeous blend, nothing fancy and works for everything. Whenever I wear Encre Noire, my heart balances out my emotions telling me « everything’s alright ». It’s personal, my heart beats with this ink. Must purchase among all the perfumes in the world, price no object. I think of a giant, vicious Octopus, squirting ink deep down in ocean`s black waters.

Utility-wise, EN is one of my most useful acquisitions. Either way, it’s a love or hate ingredient. It just depends on how much you like the smell of Vetiver or what you want from the fragrance. Could defintely be a signature scent and I wear to the office or evening. Bravo, safe blind buy at the price as well. A perfume will last longer on some people than on others because of differences in skin and PH levels.
This woman has a Vetiver Expertise and next I am hoping for vetiver in outer space. The parfum version, unfortunately, smelled sour on me. The citrus in the EDT is an effervescent one, but in the parfum it is more like the smell of the rind, and the woods are heavier. I should smell it for myself to look for the inky note . I find the smell of ink strangely comforting and I enjoy grinding an inkstick against an inkstone time to time – it’s almost meditative. I will definitely add vetiver to the series.
For nearly as long another summer staple was Guerlain Vetiver but in 2012 Roja Parfums Vetiver Extrait supplanted it. Roja Dove takes the same spine found in that fragrance and turns it into something as brilliant as the noontime summer sun. Jasmine and rose provide an amuse bouche for the vetiver main course.

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