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Convertible Roof Repair In Sittingbourne

Whether you have slate, clay or the more modern concrete roof tiles, all can be effectively cleaned, repaired and treated. All sensitive areas are covered to protect them from water ingress. Guttering systems are disconnected to ensure heavy moss deposits are not left to block your guttering. Any roof cleaning Kent will be carried out with professional roof cleaning equipment. Full consideration and care will be given to more aged roof tiles as the operative can reduce the flow rate and pressure. No only does moss growth on a roof can look unappealing but it can also lead to other complications if left unchecked.
Our roof cleaning service is carried out using specialist equipment to remove dirt, buildup and debris. We will ensure your roof tiles are be cleaned thoroughly, safely and to the highest of standards. All downpipes will be protected throughout the roof cleaning process. Why not combine our roof cleaning and gutter cleaning services for complete roofline care? With us, you can combat rotting wood, mould, staining and expensive damage.

They are HGV certified to operate cherry pickers and trained to work at heights. As a business, we are honest and transparent and we always maintain a high-level of communication with our customers, from the initial quote stage, through to completion of the work. Give us the details of your job and we’ll send it to 3 specialist trades.
If the roof is suitable for using roof ladders we may also use them to access the roof and clean manually close up. We start by surrounding the house with tarpaulin to collect moss as it falls off the roof. A powerful treatment of fungicidal solution is then applied to your roof to further ensure the removal of any remaining dirt. Furthermore, this guarantees minimal future fungal growth and maintenance. The gutter outlets are protected against blockage beforehand. TD Roofers Sittingbourne Kent cater for all aspects of roofing across Sittingbourne, Faversham, Maidstone and Kent.

All staff are certified and trained, they will never stand on the roof, potential breaking tiles and creating unnecessary risk. Pressure washing is incredibly inefficient, battling moss with brute force, the opposite of the hyper efficient Airpole, which ensures every tile is covered. Pressure washing completely bleaches your tiles and stops the original colour ever coming back. The final stage of the process is to kill the moss roots and lichen with and industry leading Biocide. This continues to work over a number of weeks and helps bring the roof back to its original colour. We use a combination of compressed air and specially designed tools to carefully remove the Moss & Lichen from the tiles.
We offer specialist bird services such as bird guano cleaning and removal from residential and commercial properties and from solar panel installations. We also remove nesting gull debris from roofs, post nesting and cleaning to prevent gutter blockage and water ingression to buildings. We also carry out professional guano cleaning for the residential sector to include loft spaces, old houses, barns and courtyards. If you have a guano problem you should consult a qualified expert due to the risk of disease and the need to remove any problem birds or install a bird proofing system to prevent re-infestation. Once the roof has been cleaned the roof tiles will then be treated using a biocide designed to impregnate the roof tiles, stop germination of any moss spores and stop any regrowth.
Roof and Driveway Cleaning Kent eliminate moss growth by their proven, tried and tested methods before they become too much of a problem. For casings we use a specialised chemical called Maximus that brings UPVC casings to a perfectly clean standard. It is important to keep up the maintenance of your conservatory, letting the standards of your conservatory slip can lead to serve damage to your investment. We will ensure your conservatory is at a standard that you can enjoy, which is the sole purpose of a conservatory, for enjoyment and relaxation.

Purple Rhino, as the premier provider of render cleaning services in Sittingbourne, use softwashing systems to clean render and make it look as good as new. We pride ourselves in giving the very highest standard of service and operate throughout Kent. We are a family team with 30 years experience in traditional and water fed pole window cleaning. The guttering repairs team are ready and willing to provide a free quote with no obligation.
However there are significant risks involved in pressure washing a roof which risks are only mitigated by using a professional. England’s weather and climate creates textbook conditions for moss, algae and lichen growth on the roofs of properties across London. This organic growth causes roof cleaning sittingbourne a number of problems that is very costly to fix. If you’ve notices moss, dirt, grime build up on the roof of your London property you’ll likely want a quote on roof cleaning. We know London like the back of our hand, having had bases in West London, South London and now Greater London.

When there’s heavy rainfall, the weight it has to support can be very significant. The fascia also has to protect from the elements and prevent vermin and birds from getting into your roof space. Anyone passing by can see it and so can you, therefore, it is vital that it looks good. uPVC fascias are available in a range of colours and finishes. You can give your home an instant facelift by replacing them. Mackay’s Exterior Cleaning Solutions provides a professional exterior building cleaning service.

This is accessed from either the ground or from a scaffold tower. Our operatives a fully trained and certificated for working at height and have no need to ever walk on the roof. trust National Gutter Cleaning to respond professionally and efficiently, Something that we always have and always will endeavour to offer.
Our installations offer long-lasting, maintenance-free protection from the elements. Most people don’t realise that their solar panels do need cleaning due to dirt in the atmosphere. Research shows that dirty solar panels lose around 25% of their annual efficiency which in the long run will outweigh the cost of cleaning them.
If you would like a quote for roof cleaning in the Sittingbourne and Faversham area, then please contact us on or email After removing the moss from the roof and applying the fungicidal treatment, we can make sure that your roof maintains its good functioning condition. We can repair defective or damaged areas such as the mortar between crests. Ridge and hip tiles will be removed and repointed, and finally, all damaged roof tiles will be replaced. There may be an additional charge depending on the amount of work that needs doing.

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