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Be an volunteer sato escort and take the animal as your under-the-seat carry-on. The town of Humacao invited a number of different artists/muralists to come in to create a huge outdoor art gallery of colorful and interesting murals, in all different styles and sizes. Located all around the town plaza, it is a great reason to stop into Humacao town center to wander around, enjoy the murals, and support the local businesses. Are you looking for a beach with calm water close to San Juan? This little « pool » of water is protected from the rough north coast swells by a ridge of rocks. The waves rarely come over the top, so this water is usually calm and warm.
This tropical rainforest is filled with incredible waterfalls, hike-able dense forests, and a ton of wildlife to spot. You’ll want to start off at the El Portal Tropical Forest Center where you’ll be able to learn more about the area’s wildlife, grab a few maps and ask for advice on hikes. El Yunque has been forest a protected national forest since that time, even after the handover of the island to the United States at the end of the Spanish American War. A guide will remove any level of stress, no matter how minimal, out of the planning process so that you can focus on the natural marvels in the national forest.

The only campground on Culebra is the right on Playa Flamenco. It is an amazingly beautiful location, offering breezes and most of the amenities any camper could want. While Culebra is known for its beautiful beaches, great sea life, and relaxing lifestyle, there are also some hiking trails for those times you want to get away from the beach. Some hikes are an easy walk on the beach, and others are longer and more difficult. On the big island of Puerto Rico, we have found only two beaches that have black sand, and both of them are in the Barceloneta/Manatí area on the north coast. This particular black sand beach, called Playa La Boca, is easy to get to, and is available 7 days/week.
Puerto Rico is the self-proclaimed Rum Capital of the World, so what better place to come and enjoy the best Puerto Rican rums? It is that time of the year again — the Rums of Puerto Rico is holding its next Taste of Rum event on March 7, 2020. Taste of Rum is the official Rum Festival of Puerto Rico, dedicated to promoting high-end Puerto Rican rums to the world.

But there are other forests in Puerto Rico that offer all that, too. We had hiked in the Toro Negro Forest a number of years ago. I remembered it was very nice and parts of the forest looked very much like El Yunque. So we decided to go back again recently to take notes and write about it for anyone who wants an alternative to hiking in El Yunque.
Visited primarily by locals, it offers a quiet respite from the party atmosphere of nearby Playa Santa. Roaring Lions … not part a circus, but a colorful, outdoor art exhibit in Ponce. Like many towns around the world, Ponce is displaying life-size animal statues painted by local artists. Since the symbol of Ponce is the lion, they chose lion statues to be turned into magical works of art. These colorful lion statues are on display all around the main plaza, giving you one more reason to make the trip to Ponce.

They are friendly, fun, knowledgeable and have a few goofballs. Please allow 5-7 days for the link to be sent to you via email. If you would rather not have your photo taken no problem, please just notify your guides at the beginning of each excursion.
The visitors center has interactive exhibits and movies that tell about Arecibo’s history and most important accomplishments among other things. There’s also an observation deck for viewing the telescope. There are also other cool caves to visit, including a noteworthy one near Arecibo, thought none are as extensive as Camuy. Hurricane Maria did a lot of damage to the caverns so check before your vacation to see if it’s been reopened yet. The other outdoor activity we wish we’d done was to explore the Camuy River Caverns.
In Yabucoa, there are these two neat rock formations that are really interesting. One sort of looks like a sphinx, and it is called « La Piedra El Morrillo ». The other is a huge rock that is split right in half, and it is called « Piedra Las Guaretas ». While this is not a must-visit place, but if you are in the area, it makes a fun stop.

Called Vereda Cerro Playuela, they opened these trails in mid-2013. The trails offer the experience of going through a few different types of forests, great views, and remote beaches that are so beautiful you will be so happy for this diversion. I love old, historic buildings and rum, so of course I had to make a point to visit Hacienda Santa Ana – the home of Ron del Barrilito, one of the local Puerto Rican rum producers. Their rum is made and aged here, on the family’s property, which used to be an old sugar hacienda.
They offer options that are great for cruise ship visitors, tourists and locals alike. Guaynabo City has created a beautiful forest reserve of approximately 600 acres for the enjoyment of future Puerto Ricans and visitors to the island, called La Marquesa Forest Park . Take a couple hours to enjoy the natural beauty of this forest. Sun and Fun snorkeling to Icacos island on catamaran sailboat or motorboat. There are a number of snorkel boat tours that leave out of the Fajardo area and visit reefs and the out-islands. Puerto Rico is home to 28,000-acre El Yunque National Forest, the only tropical rain forest protected by the United States National Forest System.
YOUR HOUSE IN PUERTO RICO Beautiful beach apartment, in a privileged locación, lying just a few minutes of San Juan and access to a beautiful private beach. Complex in Loiza, just 25 minutes from airport, the city center, parks, and art and culture. You’ll love the place, because of the views, the people, the location, and the ambiance. The place have private access to the beach, pools and is good for couples, adventurers, business travelers, families and big groups. Completely remodeled beachfront apartment with a breathtaking view of the ocean.

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