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Could Esau Repent? The Difficulty Of Heb 12

It is unlike you guys who desperately long to return to Christ. When you are willing to be poured out completely–COMPLETELY– for the glory of God, trusting His perfect will WHATEVER it is, this will crack the hard heart within you. When I have been so far from God, I decided that I was still going to worship Him, to acknowledge His Holiness. Not dwell in my mire but focus all on Him. IT CHANGES ME INSTANTLY. You can repent of every sin.
Just like the Prodigal Son and his Father. I wanted to repent but I couldn’t, it was as if God ceased to exist in my life. Another thing to keep in mind is the conditions of the described person in that verse.

I do not say to thee, “Make a parade of thyself, nor accuse thyself before others,” but be persuaded by the prophet when he saith, “Reveal thy way unto the Lord.” (Ps. xxxvii. 5) Confess these things before God. Confess before the Judge thy sins with prayer; if not with tongue, yet in memory, and be worthy of mercy. The point of this passage is not to get you questioning whether you have done a good enough job of repenting and not to make you worry that maybe God won’t save you. ” in terms of a “change of mind” on the part of Isaac. In other words, Esau couldn’t get his Dad to revoke the blessing he had placed upon Jacob.
Even a divine inspired interpretation or application is never wrested from the context to present a foreign thought or point. Esau sought repentance as to gain impossible to repent a different consequence but to no avail. Esau never lost his sonship nor the actual position of being the firstborn…he lost the rewards of an inheritance.

We believe with our hearts not our minds. So that is the problem that I , you and many others are struggling with. Satan , upon the moment that we was convicted of our sinful living and was repentant toward God, pounced on us.
And we said it was a perfect picture of man’s ineptitude and weakness juxtaposed against God’s sovereignty. To see this man who was blind; to see this man who was confused by the signals that he was getting from his touch when he felt the supposedly hairy skin of Jacob. And he smelled the meal, and he smelled the smell of his son, Esau, on the clothing, and he heard the voice of Jacob, even though everything else was telling him Esau. It’s a picture of man in his weakness attempting to resist the sovereignty of God. If you have your Bibles, I’d invite you to turn with me to Genesis 27.
Some of you reading this have never truly repented. I want to suggest to you it may well be the source of many of your problems. You feel good one day, have a wonderful meeting in the church, and you think everything is wonderful. The next morning something bad happens and down you go. The problem is that you have never really laid the first foundation stone. All you have is a wobbly edifice that one day will collapse.

In my desperation I googled a topic on blasphemy of the Spirit and came to this forum and all your posts. Your experiences lifted me up temporarily because I knew I was not alone. My pain however continued to deepen more and more, I really don’t have a whole of time here to post the crazy ride the Lord put me through, although if you’re interested I am freely willing to share with you through email. Stumbling over and over is caused by only cutting off the external weeds through repentance. We go back and back to the sin because the root was still there and in time will sprout. During this, yes I had thoughts come to my mind that , maybe Jesus was not real but quickly dismissed them as I knew that was not true.
Convicted while doing the sin, I kept going anyway. I’m so scared, so depressed, so kfjasdlkfjasdg that I’m losing all will power on what to do or even keep fighting. Repentance is to turn from what you’ve done. Honestly it seems the author of Hebrews doesn’t understand repentance. Esau may have been sorry that he could not be blessed, but in seeking his own posterity there is not repentance. Esau lost his inheritance, not his ability to repent.
I did not see anything resembling genuine repentance for sin in his story. I’ve often heard that if you’re worried you’ve committed the unpardonable sin, if you even care at all that you’re beyond repentance, then you haven’t committed this sin. « no place of repentance » has to do with grounds for changing his father’s mind. Does this refer to Esau as being incapable of repentance or that his father Isaac could not revoke what he had bestowed upon Jacob. And that is the lesson, my brethren, which this text as it stands is intended to teach us. We are pointed hack to that tragic picture of Esau there, weeping, wringing his hands in the wild passion of his uncultured nature, when the blessing, seen to be desirable too late, had vanished from his convulsive grasp.

That decision will be according to truth, and cannot be changed. And every marriage should be kept pure between husband and wife. God will judge guilty those who commit sexual sins and adultery. For wite ye, that afterward he coueitinge to enherite blessing, was repreued.
Abel was a priest as well as Cain, and a better priest too. So believer – when do we need to repent, « to think differently and take another course »? Whenever we sin and God points it out to us.

It says he was rejected for a blessing because he made no room for repentance. All his weeping and begging did no good because he wanted to be blessed while remaining in his sins. Piper explained that Esau’s tears and regret were not for repentance, but they were all self-centered. He cared, not because he sinned against a Holy God, but because he did not get what he wanted. The word repentance for us carries a lot of baggage.

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