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A monitoring committee will be created that will act as a participation body where the different project partners will be represented, i.e. the coordinating and associated partners, co-financers and owners of the demonstration olive farms. We collaborate with the Terra Oleum Museum, which is managed by Fundación del Olivar. As a result, we have given lectures to student groups visiting the museum, thus combining the visit with some of the lectures planned in the framework of action E4. Furthermore, the project volunteers who worked with us in the province of Jaen have also visited the museum getting a discount and an exclusive guided tour.
Additionally, a hacking project has been carried out to release barn owls , a small raptor that is facing the loss or decay of buildings suitable for breeding activity, conservation problems regarding quantity and quality of available prey, etc. To this end, an old barn in Cortijo de Conde Guadiana was adapted and thirteen barn owl chicks that had been sent from Wildlife Rescue Centres in Jaen, Seville and Madrid were released. Before being released, they had been fed and monitored with camera traps for months.

The recommendations will be based on the results obtained from the conservation activities , the effects of these actions on biodiversity , the profitability of olive-growing farms and the economic situation of the study areas . By carrying out an integrated analysis of this whole set of results, recommendations will be made to make olive farming compatible with the recovery of biodiversity. A series of informative and demonstrative sessions was organised to present the project. In particular, the project technicians and the managers of the demonstration olive groves will contribute by reporting their experience first-hand during the implementation of the project. The sessions targeted the olive sector and they were structured to ensure that the participation of the audience was as active as possible, both when raising questions or expressing doubts, and when their opinion on the different matters discussed was requested.
The aim was either to identify projects whose results or lessons learned could be useful to optimize the actions of the Project, or else, due to the possibility of establishing synergies to increase its demonstrative value and replicability. Some LIFE projects have been identified, already completed or in progress, with which relationships have been established in this regard. The results and lessons learned from these projects, as well as their methodological approaches are a reference to compare results, improve the demonstrative value of this project, and optimize the planning and development of preparatory actions and conservation. Our collaboration involves sharing information but also cooperating in the project “Sustentándonos” (“Sustaining ourselves”), funded through the “Emplea Verde” programme of the Fundación Biodiversidad. The project includes courses on farm adaptation for more profitable and environmentally sustainable farming models. Several of the field visits planned took place in our demonstration olive groves.

Professor of chemistry at the University of Almeria with scientific expertise in risk assessment of applicators, workers and bystanders to plant protection products. He has managed several international projects as spanish partner funded by DG-Research, FAO, EFSA and private companies. Counts with more than 100 publications dealing with human risk assessment, food and environmental safety and bioeconomy. Concerned by knowledge and technology transfer, he collaborates with public administrations planning policy SEO Córdoba guidelines and is co-founder of a spin-off company, LAB ltd,, which takes part of the International Tentamus GmbH Group. He has been vice-rector of RTD, Director of the Research Results Transfer Office and Deputy director of the Biotechnology Research Centre BITAL, all of them belongings to the University of Almeria. Finally he has expertise in agriculture sustainable intensification in Africa and Latin-America after being at the EU Commission as National Expert in professional training at DG-DEVCO.
Finally, the actions to be implemented during the time frame of the LIFE project were selected among all potential actions. Graduated in Food Science and Technology from the University of Córdoba and Master in Agrifood from the same University . His work in the management and quality control of processes and products stands out. It develops its activity focused on the improvement, design and implementation of Food Quality and Safety Management Systems. Design a specific HACCP plan for each client, tailored to their activity, facilities and work systems, always taking into account the requirements of the Health Authority. In this sense, it applies new work methodologies that promote the modernization of the company, allowing greater control of production processes and guaranteeing safety at all stages of the food chain.

To that purpose, the process of recovery, revaluation and dissemination of their cultural heritage will be carried out through a bottom-up and participatory process. On the other hand, questionnaires were sent to evaluate whether the olive sector is receptive to change in their production model, which is the main goal of this project. These questionnaires were carried out at the beginning of the project and at the end of the project in order to determine whether the implementation and dissemination of the Olivares Vivos project is promoting a relevant change in their receptiveness.
Different communication activities have been carried out, selecting the best tools. In a first stage, information on the project, its objectives and the problems targeted has been prepared and disseminated. Next, communication has focused on conveying what is being done both to stakeholders and the general public.
Information on the LIFE programme, the project and its objectives, as well as on the contents to be taught has been provided. In addition, the project has been presented and discussed at the communicators meeting of BirdLife Europe Federation, comprised by every SEO/BirdLife’s partner organisation in the EU member states. Work is being done to open new channels for collaboration and promote the dissemination of the project in other countries, as well as to establish synergies with other ongoing initiatives. What levels of biodiversity recovery are necessary in order to get the “Olivares Vivos” certification. To what extent the effectiveness of these actions depends on landscape context, farm size and farming practices.

Prior to this study, a first market research was designed in February 2019 to assess the influence of the certification brand on the behavior of extra virgin olive oil consumers in real commercialisation situations . The research started in May 2019 and ended in September 2019. We are a web development and search engine optimization agency in the city of Valencia with more than 11 years of experience in the sector. I work the natural strategic optimization of the website for search engines, SEO web positioning.
Combined biodiversity indices (ICB, acronym for the Spanish “Indices Combinados de Biodiversidad”) at the pre-operational stage of each pilot olive grove. Establish a path for development cooperation with other olive grove regions outside the EU. For the citizens to know the socio-economic and environmental importance of the olive grove in the EU. Provide an effective solution to the economic and environmental crisis of the traditional olive grove that occupies the majority of the olive grove lands in Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal.

The average satisfaction level of the participants has been very high (9.4 out of 10). Additionally, a workshop will be organised, where a group of experts will advise on the decision-making process regarding general issues of the Olivares VivosCertification Regulation . Different farming techniques were tested to fight climate change and to adapt the crops to the new climate change scenario at an affordable cost. We have established contact with the people in charge of the restoration project in the “Altiplano estepario” in southern Spain, and we keep in touch to exchange relevant information. An organisational chart was established to handle the LIFE programme management. The chart was approved by all the partners during the second coordination meeting.
He has been working in protective plant products exposure assessment, in testing and certification of personal protective equipments, in work at height safety and rope access techniques. Member of the Spanish Committee of Standardization CTN 68 “Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry”. Member of the “Agricultural Machinery” Group belonging to “Agricultural Sector” Working Group of the Spanish National Commission for Safety and Health at Work. Teacher in several Master, courses, conferences, seminars and congresses in occupational safety and health. In 2003, she wroted with other people the Manual for the Evaluation of occupational safety and health of the Consejería de Empleo, Formación y Trabajo Autónomo, Junta de Andalucía.

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