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These early jokers are still found in the Vietnamese and Thai sets. They may have been removed as the tiles share the same titles as the leaders of the Taiping Rebellion (1850–1864). For example, Hong Xiuquan was the self-styled « Heavenly King of Great Peace » and his top subordinates were called east king, south king, west king, and north king.
There is no relation between the bonus tile « bamboo » flower and the bamboo suit of suited tiles (ex. 4 bamboo). Japanese rule sets discourage the use of Flowers and Seasons. Korean rules and three-player Mahjong in the Korean/Japanese tradition use only Flowers. In Singapore and Malaysia an extra set of bonus joker slot tiles of four animals are used. The rule set includes a unique function in that players who get two specific animals get a one-time immediate payout from all players. In Taiwanese Mahjong, getting all eight Flowers and Seasons constitutes an automatic win of the hand and specific payout from all players.

In 2005, the first Open European Mahjong Championship was held in the Netherlands, with 108 players. The second European championship in Copenhagen was attended by 136 players and won by Danish player Martin Wedel Jacobsen. The Third Open European Mahjong Championship 2009 at Baden/Vienna, Austria, was won by Japanese player Koji Idota, while runner-up Bo Lang from Switzerland became European Champion. One hundred players participated, mainly from Japan and China, but also from Europe and the United States. Mai Hatsune, from Japan, became the first world champion. The following year saw the first annual China Mahjong Championship, held in Hainan; the next two annual tournaments were held in Hong Kong and Beijing.
Japanese and Korean Mahjong have some special rules. A player cannot win by a discard if that player had already discarded that piece, where players’ discards are kept in neat rows in front of them. Players may declare ready, meaning that they need one tile to win, cannot change their hand and win extra points if they win. Some rules may replace some of the number 5 tiles with red tiles, as they can earn more points.

Joker tiles may or may not affect scoring, depending on the variation. Some special hands may require the use of Joker tiles (for example, to represent a « fifth tile » of a certain suited or honor tile). South African Mahjong is a variant of Cantonese Mahjong.
In international tournaments, players are often grouped in teams to emphasize that Mahjong from now on is considered a sport. Because of the large differences between the various systems of scoring , groups of players will often agree on particular scoring rules before a game. ‘Raise Four’), the players must win with the first four blocks drawn which are placed separately in front of other. These four blocks cannot be touched until the player has a ready hand.
In addition, tile discards are specifically arranged in front of each player by discard order, to take discarded tiles into account during play. Some rules replace some number 5 tiles with red tiles so that they can eventually get more value. A winning hand must consist of four melds and a pair and must also score the agreed table minimum. Bonus tiles cannot be used to form a Pong because they are set aside and there are not three identical bonus tiles in the set. A Pong may either be concealed or exposed (formed by seizing another player’s discard).

However, the player must have a complete and legal hand. Another potential penalty is the player who called out the false mahjong must play the rest of the hand with their tiles face up on the table so other players can see them . Some methods apply the penalty at the end of the entire game. Again, the table rules dictate the enforcement of the penalty.
A new hand begins, and depending on the variant, the Game Wind may change. For example, in most playing circles in Singapore, if there is at least one Kong when the hand is a draw, the following player of the dealer becomes the next dealer; otherwise, the dealer remains dealer. The dealer marker is a round or square object that the dealer places to the side to remind players who the dealer is. The wind marker may be used which indicates the current prevailing wind. Japanese mahjong, especially in a gambling environment, may optionally use four yakitori markers to indicate which players have not won a hand yet and has to pay a penalty. Shenyang Mahjong using 13 hands in a game, and Shenyang Mahjong has a really fast speed on playing, which allegedly might be said in some regard to perhaps match the personality of north-east people in China.
Standard requirements for rīchi are that the hand be closed or have no melds declared and that players already have points for declaration of rīchi. However, a player who declares rīchi and loses is usually penalised in some fashion. Declaring a nonexistent rīchi is also penalised in some way. In Hong Kong Mahjong there are a series of « limit hands ».

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