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Mark also followed up with a reminder after 12 months when it was time to re-spray. I would happily recommend it as a good and reliable service. We’re riding the wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Melbourne and it seems the local rodent population is riding the wave with us. Tim Clinnick, of the Pest Control Empire , notes a dramatic increase in rodent activity in Melbourne. Tim says, “If the current number of enquiries continue then it’s going to be a bumper season for rats and mice in Melbourne”.
Probably, because they are unable to get hold of food during the night. So, if you catch the glimpse of rats in the daytime, it’s a positive sign of substantial termite solutions Melbourne infestation. The possible tracks for rodents are observed in dust, mud or dirt. Mouse tracks are also easily traceable on the dusty surfaces.

Mice and rats contaminate more than 20% of food across the world. Further, rats end up starting the fire by chewing the electric cables. So, if next time you hear that a fire broke out without any reason, think of rats. Use Cryonite, Glue boards, Pheromone traps and good hygiene sanitation. It is an effective non-chemical treatment for Rodent Control Melbourne.
Queens can live for up to 50 years – the longest known lifespan of any insect. Diet consists of plant matter, and workers digest cellulose with the aid of symbiotic microbes in their gut. This process is valuable in recycling nutrients and also results in termites being significant producers of atmospheric methane, an important greenhouse gas. Most termites are totally blind; some species actively cultivate fungi as a food source; while others have formed an alliance with ants as protection from predators.

The technicians fromPro Pest Control Melbourne are fully qualified and licensed to handle every kind of pest problem. From a few cockroaches to an entire invasion of ants or termites, we have the experience and dedication to get the job done. Although termites typically slow down a bit during the winter months, their season of activity tends to last throughout the entire year. If you think you’ve seen early signs of termite infestations, or you just want to make sure they aren’t making your property their home, book a pest inspection Melbourne with WR Gay today.
Termites are serious agricultural pests, and ironically are also an important source of protein for many people around the world. Lastly, if you have still been unsuccessful in rodent control Melbourne, it’s time for some professional help. Mark Pest Control offers the best solution for rodent control Melbourne with the help of its certified pest control team members. During the construction of the project noted above, termite treatment was necessary. Amazon put forward a great proposal at an affordable price and helped enable our job to keep moving at the pace required with no delays. Thinking for pest control service in Melbourne and its suburbs like Ballarat, Bendigo, Bayswater and Brighton etc.
Termites are nasty pests that cause hidden structural damage to your property. We conduct a comprehensive inspection so that our treatment in your property is targeted, complete and effective. Termite inspections is a worthwhile investment so that you have peace of mind that no termites are secretly destroying your property. Receive premium customer service, support and advice from our Melbourne Pest Control office and call-out staff. Our specialists are exceptionally well trained in all areas of residential pest control in Melbourne, Australia. We offerpest inspectionsfor property owners, buyers and investors.

These simple home remedies will help keep termites away from your property. European Wasps are relatively new to Melbourne, having been first noticed in 1977, after being introduced to Tasmania about 20 years earlier. Due to favourable conditions, they have spread rapidly and become a serious pest. Melbourne’s relatively mild winters allow some nests to survive into a second year, creating huge colonies. European Wasps often nest in roofs or wall cavities and will scavenge upon garbage; they often frequent picnic and barbecue areas. English Wasps are very similar to European Wasps; they arrived in Melbourne in the late 1950s and are largely confined to the eastern suburbs.
We use a variety of environmentally friendly and cost-effective treatments to ensure your property is pest-free. Our hit-list is extensive and includes termites, fleas, rats, mice, wasps, bees and mosquitos. Tim says that the problem exists where other businesses in close proximity do not have a plan in place. He continues, “In these situations, it makes no difference if you have the cleanest cafe or restaurant in the street. If your next door neighbour neglects his business to the point that cockroaches and rodents are present then it’s only a matter of time before they spread to your place of business”.

When our professional technicians visit your property, they carry out a thorough inspection using the latest detection equipment. Once the inspection has been completed, they discuss the findings and recommend the best treatment and prevention services for long-term protection. If needed, the rodent pest control expert will inspect your place additionally.
Our comprehensive service will give you peace of mind and we can even schedule regular inspections to afford you the certainty that your pest or termite problem will never return. At Neighbourhood Pest Control, we endeavour to deliver the very best pest control available to Melbourne CBD commercial and residential premises. There are many other signs to look out for that may indicate a problem, but instead of guessing or assuming that things are fine, let us do the dirty work for you. We use treatments that are safe and environmentally friendly, as certified by the AEPMA. What’s more, we can tailor our skills to ensure that no matter what issue you are facing, or how comprehensive it is, after we’ve been through, your premises will be pest-free for 6 months. He was polite and friendly, and explained what he was going to do.
He soon found that the rats had a particular taste for avocados and each evening they would feast on the trays containing this fruit. It got to the point where he was having to discard upwards of 4 trays a day, costing in excess of $200. For treatment you can trust the experts at WR Gay with our non-hazardous product so you can rest easily knowing our home, family and pets are not at risk. During the warmer months in Melbourne is when the activity of termites is the most obvious especially when the humidity increases. Termites, also sometimes known as White Ants, can cause significant damage to your property if left untreated.

Our extensive experience allows us to manage an extensive variety of pest problems, using an ecologically sound approach. We put our trusted reputation on the line every time because we know we can deliver the very best outcome for your business. We service more than 4000 clients per month on a national basis, which is unique in the pest control industry. Our clients rely on our experience to maintain and control their pest issues. Like many other pests, possums spread disease, contaminating surfaces and foods with their droppings and urine, and left unchecked, they will cause considerable structural damage. But possums are also protected wildlife, so you should never attempt to remove possums yourself.

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