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Top Car Accident Lawyers Near Me In Whittier, Ca

With Krasney Law attorneys, you put decades of experience on your side. Glotzer & Leib LLP is a personal injury law firm located in Los Angele, California, with eight other locations throughout the state. Managing attorney Joshua Glotzer has more than two decades of experience representing clients that have sustained injuries in accidents involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, and buses. The company helps obtain compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, emotional distress, and pain and suffering. Glotzer & Leib LLP also litigates other personal injury cases, including medical malpractice and nursing home abuse.
As the wronged party, you may think you have a slam dunk case and that you don’t need a pedestrian accident attorney. The motorist who hit you may dispute the sequence of events leading up to the accident and try to pin the blame on you. In addition, the insurance companies involved may try to pay out less than what you feel you deserve and pressure you into accepting their offer. I suffered through a not-my-fault auto accident in January of 2010. Unfortunately the opposing insurance company is well known for it’s habitual delays of paying plaintiffs. Barry Goldberg did an excellent job of pursuing Mercury on my behalf until we reached a more than fair settlement.

Call your insurance agent to report the crash as soon as possible. Your agent will let you know whether you have uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance to cover your damages. One of the key laws to know is your statute of limitations, or deadline for filing a claim.
Jamison Empting Cronin, LLP can help you find legal solutions for your Personal Injury issue. Blaylock has experience helping clients with their Personal Injury needs in Whittier, California. Clients needing legal solutions for Personal Injury can connect with Lewis, Marenstein, Wicke, Sherwin & Lee, LLP, a local California practice.

When you are injured while working, you are entitled to benefits, including medical expenses, lost wages due to inability to work, and even permanent impairments or disabilities. The law states that you are entitled to these insurance benefits, but that doesn’t mean your employer’s workers’ compensation carrier won’t try to get out of paying your claim. Often insurance adjusters will deny the claim or settle for a fraction of what you are entitled to. We will handle all portions of your case from dealing with the insurance company, getting your vehicle repaired to getting you the right result for your case.
Your responsiveness, and ability to really listen to my concerns, issues and objectives demonstrated to me that you had my best interests always in mind. Your ability to strategize our case in dealing with a very difficult defense lawyer, helped me to exceed my expectations on every level. Car Injury Accident Lawyers (Whittier) As an attorney with a legal matter outside my area of expertise, one involving my own family member, I decided to contact Mr. Goldberg after viewing some of his quality legal work. His grasp of the particulars was very impressive, as was his advice in regard to proceeding forward.

Proper medical attention can be vital, especially in the long run. Besides, you need to be able to prove medical support when pursuing the legal claim. In accordance with San Bernardino Coroner Press Release, the types of accidents may vary as well as injury severity. Auto accidents lead to multi-vehicle collisions, cars struck by semi-tractor trailers, rollovers, and many other accidents that result in severe injuries and fatalities.
Auto accident lawyers can also help you pursue products liability claims against the vehicle manufacturer if your accident was the result of a problem or defect with your motor vehicle. Avrek Law Firm introduces a team of nine experienced personal injury attorneys who have been in business for years. They boast decades of combined experience and more than $750 million recovered in settlements and judgments. Krasney Law is a well-established personal injury law firm with decades in business. It provides legal services to clients from San Bernardino and Rancho Cucamonga. Established in 1987, the company has been helping victims of others’ negligence for more than 30 years.
Aside from his numerous academic and professional interactions, “Sweet James” Bergener provides weekly commentary as a legal expert on KLAC AM 570 LA Sports Radio. He has sponsored KFI Law Day with attorney and radio host Bill Handel and has appeared on a number of radio shows to help listeners get the legal assistance they need. As an avid motorcyclist and MotoGP racing enthusiast, Mr. Bergener’s legal experience is supplemented with his experience on the road.

Located in West Covina, the Law Offices of Mauro Fiore Jr. has over 15 years of experience representing accident victims in Los Angeles and the surrounding communities of Southern California. The personal injury firm pursues damages for plaintiffs hurt by negligent drivers, including cars, trucks, and semitrucks. It also negotiates compensation for motorcyclists, cyclists, and pedestrians injured by drivers under the influence or not acting with due care. Qualifying injuries include disfigurement, broken bones, brain damage, and loss of limbs. When a person becomes injured on the job in South Whittier, California, or contracts an illness that is job-related, they can make a worker’s compensation claim for monetary damages. It is important to discuss a potential workers’ compensation case with a knowledgeable attorney since each case has unique components.
They include Multi-Million Dollar Advocate Forum membership in addition to such titles as Trial Masters, Top 100 Trial Lawyers, and others. Established in 1987, the law firm boasts thousands of successful cases and multiple positive reviews from satisfied clients. Auto accidents are among the major causes of death among many people. Year after year, there are thousands of fatalities, which are the results of auto accidents.

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