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By the end of my Fulbright, I had finished analyzing the gopher data but not the echidna data. Dr Weisbecker and I published the gopher digging paper the following year. Now, as a PhD student in her lab, I get to co-supervise an Honours student finishing the echidna project. As for balancing science with game design, I still pursue that elusive beast. As one example, a local design firm and I wrote grants to make a free online platform, DIY Go Extinct! Looking back, I realise how close it all came to never getting off the ground.
I wanted to understand why people kept doing things they knew would make them unhappy and find out what would create happiness instead. When Shamsky called last fall, Battaglia told him to bring his glove. So he grabbed one of his old Mets gloves Indoor / Outdoor Mounting and a baseball and got on the subway. They stood about 30 feet apart and played a three-way game of catch in the front yard. Battaglia, who serves on the Alzheimer’s Association board in Long Island, says Shamsky has been a constant.

I remember going to the Ransom Center archive and sitting at a table, looking at Wallace’s notebooks and feeling somehow connected again, conversed with, and safe. It’s like magic, but it’s in my head, where I’m still just by myself. And while I appreciate, and relied on, being connected to Wallace to help me with feelings of loneliness, my Fulbright experience became less about Wallace and more about the community that has grown around his work. On a more personal level, I greatly appreciated my host’s and hostess’s politeness, wit, and openness, and their easy ways. I enjoyed the excellent public radio and television, and appreciated Australia’s serious concern about protecting the environment. During my Fulbright stay in 2004, I was invited to lecture at eight Australian universities and research centers and I also gave four public talks.
Dr. Porter wanted to discuss my post-graduation plans for the coming year. Having participated in a study abroad trip to Australia the previous year, I was keen to get back to Australia, but certainly did not have a clear direction or path forward. I remember that afternoon in great detail because it was during this meeting that Dr. Porter asked if I was familiar with the Fulbright program , and he suggested that I apply for a scholarship in the fall. Like several other Fulbright Alumni, I credit Paul Simon with my first awareness of the word ‘Fulbright’, courtesy of the lyrics to his song “I know what I know”, which was released when I was all of nine years old! It wasn’t until decades later, however, that my interest in the Fulbright program grew, upon that early seed. My Fulbright application essentially reflected my personal wish list of what an ideal program would look like to suit my professional development needs at that mid-stage point of my career.
I had the opportunity to travel to many parts of Australia, missing only the northwestern part of Western Australia north of Perth. I met and became friends with many wonderful people, like the rising political leader Gough Whitlam . I made sure to visit the different university and local libraries. Linking my research with the United Nation’s ‘Sustainable Energy for All’ initiative was central to my scholarship application.

I liked that the Park shared its name with the dessert traditionally used to welcome people to Australia. This trek was my welcoming to Australia by labmates and soon-to-be-friends, Kate and Ali. They were the kind of Aussies who wore hiking boots as regular shoes on an oppressive 35 degree day. At UNE I found myself delighted by the vibrancy of Australian children’s literature, which is lively, quirky, funny, provocative, deep, and soulful. I started working with local writers and illustrators, bringing them on residencies to Armidale, the town where UNE is situated. Through my encounters with them, I discovered both how much I enjoy working with creative people, and how valuable it is to help promote and share the work of emerging creators.
Linda Dian Merrill died March 2, 2020, days before the coronavirus shut down the world. She was 73, but was wonderfully weird and youthful, somehow managing to have fewer lines on her face than me. Harrelson’s ex-wife Kim Battaglia, one of his caregivers, met Shamsky at the train station. Shamsky had just turned 79 years old, but there was a constant whir about him; always someplace to go and something to do. When he was young and came to New York for the first time, the crowded frenetic life bothered him. If things were normal, and he wasn’t wearing a mask, he probably wouldn’t be able to move about the city without being recognized.

Senator Fulbright recognized that these connections are not only valuable to the individuals involved, but also to society as a whole. During my Fulbright I was a Visiting Professor at Macquarie University in Sydney and worked in the Australian Institute of Health Innovation. My Fulbright experiences have forever re-shaped my perspectives of environments, international issues, and cultures within Australia and beyond. As a young Fulbrighter at Brandeis, I didn’t know that my studies and scholarly life would take me on this path, or that my childhood interests would come roaring back in the way they have, so satisfyingly. The skills, connections, and encouragement I gained, however, have taken me on a Mythical journey around the world.
During the next five years the group under Mr. Cowen’s leadership issued several rulings taking an expansive position concerning powers of the press. The most publicized decision rejected the complaint of a hapless victim of predatory newsgathering by the Rupert Murdoch owned Sunday Times. Mr. Cowen ruled that the newspaper’s behavior, although underhanded, constituted in his words “permissible subterfuge” to collect newsworthy material.

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