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Japanese Restaurant In South Yarra

The dishes here, delivered thoughtfully across several multi-course options, are a compelling argument for fusion done the right way. Chef Tomoya Kawasaki the brains behind Yoko Ono and formerly of Wabi Sabi is pumping out classic burgers with a Japanese twist. Bright orange pumpkin, black charcoal or green tea buns come with swordfish, teriyaki chicken or a vegetarian potato, edamame and coriander patty. They’re served in a bento box with gyoza, or chips with seaweed flakes and katsu curry topping. To avoid being overwhelmed at Bosozoku, it’s important to understand the term.
Easily one of Melbourne’s best Italian restaurants, this gem is not to be missed. One of our favourite steakhouses in Melbourne, this fine dining South Yarra restaurant follows sushi south yarra one very admirable philosophy – every taste must entice the next. Take just one bite of a Steer Dining Room premium steak and you’ll understand this motto, in its entirety.

This nostalgia-heavy South Yarra restaurant is serving New York-style pizza by the slice. Save and share your favourite picks and make plans to go out with friends. One of Melbourne’s longest established and best-known Greek restaurants, open 24 hours. If you do not hear back within 24 hours we suggest that you phone restaurant as opening times and days may have changed due to COVID.
For lunch, you can get sashimi and nigiri specials with miso and salads. Otherwise, share a platter with friends or choose from the sushi menu. The name of this upscale Japanese restaurant stems from the words for rice and knot , with the combination signifying the connection and unity felt through a shared meal.

This stylish Richmond joint describes itself as a Japanese restaurant filtered through Melbourne eyes. It pays homage to traditional Japanese dishes while also introducing some contemporary elements. Enjoy a chef’s menu for dinner, and be sure to pair it with one of the bespoke cocktails or with a glass of Japanese whisky.
Only a set menu is available, yet regardless of what it is, a meal here will always delight and intrigue. One of South Yarra’s most renowned restaurants, France-Soir is everyone’s favourite Parisian bistro. We recommend ordering classics like fresh farmed rabbit, escargot in garlic butter, steak tartare and duck confit.

With a focus on quality organic ingredients, this café offers an honest and endearing approach to food. Offering a mix of Japanese and Western breakfast and lunch options, the Japanese breakfast plate is where this humble gem really shines. Supernormal is no longer just Tokyo-inspired; it now lends its flavours to some other big cities like Seoul, Hong Kong and Shanghai as well. Being almost impossible to find, and seating just 12 people, Hajime is definitely at the expensive end of the range. Discover a fusion of design, art and dining – it’s an experience like no other.
The openings just don’t stop and ain’t nobody got time to keep on top of what’s what. So behold, our eat-and-destroy list – a guide to Melbourne’s 50 best restaurants. Kisumé draws on the purity and integrity of Japanese cuisine while infusing it with an Australian sensibility. Discover dishes both familiar and unknown, all designed to highlight the freshest local produce.
I’ve been here many times and I just came back recently and the quality hasn’t changed. My favourite are the dragon vs spider roll and spider vs dragon roll and Baked Dynamite roll. I’ve also tried the all you can eat and that’s super delicious and value for money. In Melbourne and other parts of Australia, people enjoy Japanese food. However, restaurants offering Japanese dishes are few. Therefore, not many people understand what to expect from such eateries.

Gaijin then produced another highlight, the Spicy Pork Belly. Again the fusion came into play and this dish reminded me of similar dishes in Korean restaurants. The pork belly had a slight sweetness as well as the spice and was served with sesame on top.
The room is sleek, the menu – which is very seafood heavy – is fun and the drinks list is too. Inside out sushi roll with salmon, prawn, cucumber and avocado. We’re here to tell you that all you have heard about Kisumé, the Lucas Group’s three floors of Japanese dining power, is true, and then doubly so.

Leave it to Neko Neko, a cosy little eatery cooking homestyle vegan and pescatarian Japanese for which it has amassed a loyal following. Gaijin continued with the crunch and the spice with the Crunchy spicy salmon special. Not only is the raw salmon inside the sushi but is also placed on top for double effect. Again the Gaijin spicy mayo is unique and brings a wonderful spicy dimension. Served with wasabi and ginger on the side, I loaded up on spice and heat and loved the experience.
A rotating cuisine restaurant run by a 22-year-old chef. And the next best thing is a lunch or dinner at Omnia. It can be difficult to give a Mother’s Day gift that lives up to everything your mum has done for you, but we’ve made it simple. Our classic a la cart menu is available for dinner and lunch on Mother’s Day with a complimentary glass of champagne for mum. Irasshaimase and Welcome to Wagyu Ya, an intimate and authentic dining experience in the heart of South Yarra. An all-you-can-eat Japanese barbeque joint where you’ll be cooking wagyu over the coals and sipping ice-cold matcha beer.

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